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kebaya Pengantin Modifikasi Modern Trisanti .

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kebaya Pengantin Modifikasi Modern Trisanti .
kebaya Pengantin Modifikasi Modern Trisanti .
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kebaya spider bordir putih WXO
kebaya spider bordir....

Price: Rp.625.000,-

white spider bordeur add with soft colour flower

kebaya cornelly BCL-PVO
kebaya cornelly BCL....

Price: Ds PVO Rp.1.500.000;

cornelly on pink style, classic models combine with the long draperry at the back

kebaya bordir hijau tile YVX
kebaya bordir hijau....

Price: Rp.755.000;

lovely bordeur at kebaya, make it difference but still interested

kebaya klasik gold panjang YVO
kebaya klasik gold....

Price: Rp.700.000;

Classical gold kebaya, mix and decorated by orange, look glits with payet , there' s pleats at chest and waist, and the skirt from songket.

Kebaya tulle bordir hijau LVO
Kebaya tulle bordir....

Price: Rp.225.000;

simple kebaya and no much detail, just ruffle at the neck and legs.

kebaya klasik modern DV
kebaya klasik modern....

Price: Rp.850.000;

Classical kebaya with green and fushia pink, nice, with japaneese payet and little ties at the front of kebaya, the skirt with the line motif and the ruffle at back side.

kebaya modern hijau panjang CVX
kebaya modern hijau....

Price: Rp.550.000;

The long modern kebaya with the green colour is made from glitters tulle which combine bordeur and payet.

kebaya dramatic red SFV
kebaya dramatic red....

Price: DS-SFV Rp.3.265.000;

dramatic red with fantastic gold, a long kebaya party from tulle motif, completed with japaneese payet and cristals, combine with a little bludru as a belt, and the litle ruffle....

kebaya modif go green SBV
kebaya modif go....

Price: DS-SBV Rp.3.350.000;

the glamorous kebaya combined with gold and the long glitter batik skirt, there' s full the japan payet and the sparkling of swarowsky crystal.

kebaya merah tembaga LBV
kebaya merah tembaga....

Price: DS-LBV Rp.2.200.000;

red gold kebaya as a gown. it' s have a dracula neck with pleats, combine bordeur and payet. there' s a long skirt with lovely cut and the gold one around of it,

kebaya fantastic green YXO
kebaya fantastic....

Price: DS-FVO Rp.785.000;

Army green kebaya combine with orange as decoration, made from tulle, a lot of payet. The skirt have a floral motif batik.

kebaya asimetris soft green BVO
kebaya asimetris....

Price: DS-PV Rp.1.150.000;

asimetris kebaya in broken white and soft green which bordeur and combine with " gelombang cinta " at the neck, legs and under sides of kebaya, all with payet, and the skirt made....

gaun victorian style LCV
gaun victorian style....

Price: DS-SCV Rp. 1.550.000;

the blue gown with red chiffon as an accessories, it' s have 3 pieces, gown from satin shimer and red chiffon, short kebaya tulle with gold thread and japaneese payet, and sweet....

kebaya modif the softly pink LPO
kebaya modif the....

Price: DS-SXO Rp.2.230.000;

fushia pink with gold, much payet and cristal, combine the pleats at the neck and the front side, it' s long kebaya, threre' s from tulle motif and the skirt from songket garmen....

kebaya modif the dramatic blue SXO
kebaya modif the....

Price: DS-SDV Rp.2.785.000;

the dark glossy blue with the gold in one performance, the kebaya made from tulle bordir and add at the back with a long blue glossy tulle untill the floor, there' s a gold in all....

kebaya modif peacefull white SVO
kebaya modif....

Price: DS-SV Rp.3.225.000;

broken white long dress kebaya with green as a combination and the skirt made from songket garmen with a lot of japaneese payet and kristal everywhere

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